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Titanium R1 Arrow Rest/Holder Titanium construction Universal design mounts on left or right-hand bow Patented CAM-AWAY® design Will simplify locating center-shot upon initial set-up of any bow Arrow is secure while bow is drawn or let-down Rest is designed to disengage while not in use Accepts carbon and aluminum arrows Made in the U S A Pendulum Bow Sight Series 2000 Use a single sighting pin to eliminate all confusion associated with multi-pin sights–no guessing distance, tree stand height or arrow speed (Equipped with two secondary pins for shots beyond 30 yards) All metal construction–rigid, hunter tough Six pendulum locking positions–for use in storage […]


Continue adjustment until perfection is reached. You should be accurate + or – one inch from tree stand to 25 to 30 yards out, depending upon bow poundage, arrow speed, etc. Using top bead only and pendulum swinging freely, the pendulum will automatically calibrate any change in distance from 0 to maximum range. All you do is shoot top bead…forget about the yardage, the sight will take care of that. Just concentrate on getting off a good, clean shot.

With previous steps accomplished, you are now ready for tree stand hunting with the best accuracy and confidence you’ve ever had.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION AND USE. Upon completing installation of the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest/Holder, you’ll find yourself enjoying features in an arrow rest that are beyond comparison to any other. To complete your archery system, combine with a Keller Pendulum Bow Sight, a tree stand sight that eliminates guesswork. Why not simplify your equipment as much as possible, and boost your confidence in every shot. The rest is initially set up for use on a right hand bow. If installing on a left hand bow, loosen the 6-32 lock bolt located at the rear of the bracket. Remove the […]