Will the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest arrow rest fit any bow?


Will the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest fit any arrow?

No. The rest can be adjusted to fit a very large selection of arrows, with the only exception being extremely small and exremely large diameter arrows.

With complete contact to arrow shaft, does the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest create fletch wear?

As with most any arrow rest, when adjusted properly, a minimal amount of wear will occur. If excessive wear occurs, center-shot location is incorrect.

Is initial setup of the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest rest complicated?

No, it is very simple to adjust and helps simplify locating center-shot.

Is arrow flight distorted?

No, not if rest center shot is positioned correctly.

How durable is the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest?

It is virtually indestructible, TITANIUM TOUGH!

Is there a warranty on the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest?

Yes, there is a 30-day warranty if purchased directly from Keller Manufacturing. If for any reason you decide you are not satisfied, return the arrow rest to us for refund, less freight. If purchased from a dealer, the dealer’s return policy applies.
Excluding normal wear and tear, if at any time you find a defect in craftsmanship or a defect in material, please return the defective part to Keller Manufacturing, no matter where you purchased your arrow rest. Please be sure and include your name, your complete mailing address, and a daytime phone number with area code. We will send you a replacement part at no cost.

Is this rest used only for hunting applications?

No, the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest is for any archer, any bow, any application where there is a need for good arrow flight or holding an arrow secure until ready to shoot, regardless of task or age.

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