Upon completing installation of the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest/Holder, you’ll find yourself enjoying features in an arrow rest that are beyond comparison to any other. To complete your archery system, combine with a Keller Pendulum Bow Sight, a tree stand sight that eliminates guesswork. Why not simplify your equipment as much as possible, and boost your confidence in every shot.

The rest is initially set up for use on a right hand bow. If installing on a left hand bow, loosen the 6-32 lock bolt located at the rear of the bracket. Remove the receiver tube, and reinstall from the right side. It is now ready to bolt onto your left hand bow.



  1. Hold bow in vertical position (axle over axle) and align mounting holes of rest bracket horizontally, choosing the hole which allows the receiver tube to be in the closest position to the bow without making contact. Even though other holes in the bracket can be selected, this is our recommendation.

  2. Install and tighten 5/16th inch bolt while making sure bracket remains horizontal.

  3. After tightening bolt, install 3/8th inch set screw until it is snug. This assures that vibration of bow does not loosen mounting bolt.


  1. Head should be raised or lowered to result in center of arrow shaft being in center of bolt hole, which holds rest to bow riser. This can be accomplished by loosening 8-32 set screw in end of head receiver.

  2. Nock arrow on string and lay shaft onto rest arms, continuing downward, sweeping fingertips on back elbows of rest arms to allow arms to surround arrow shaft. Arrow is now engaged.

  3. Raise or lower rest head to align shaft with mount bolt.

  4. Tighten set screw to maintain this locatio


  1. Loosen 6-32 lock bolt at rear of mount bracket.

  2. Slide head and receiver tube to right or left in bracket until string, center of bow handle, and rest head are all in alignment. This adjustment should be viewed from behind the bow, holding the bow in your bow hand as though you were beginning to draw string.

  3. After the rest is installed on bow and shot, it will be necessary to make minor adjustments to acquire proper arrow flight. This is normal due to application of torque in bow hand, torque built into bow while drawn, spine of shaft being shot, etc. Professional guidance from your local bow shop is always helpful to obtain the best performance from your equipment.


  1. Looking into the rest from the side (with arrow loaded), rotate rest head clock-wise/counter-clock-wise until tips of arms softlytouch arrow shaft.

  2. From previous step, re-tighten 6-32 lock bolt.


When not in use, pull outward on the knurled receiver head, turn entire head with keeper arms until the ends touch bow shelf. This is a great feature of the Keller Titanium R-1 that will protect the arms from getting caught on vines and limbs while being pulled up a tree, or getting hung up inside a cloth bow case. When re-engaging, simply turn receiver head back into position and it will lock in place. The rest is now ready to shoot.


  • Center-shot (zero) is the perfect position for arrow to be pointed at the moment of time energy from bow is exerted into shaft. Good arrow flight with field points or broadheads will be the result when center shot is located, assuming shafts are equal.

  • Locating perfect center-shot with bow and equipment can sometimes be difficult, frustrating and always time consuming. Several factors affect locating perfect center-shot such as nock point on string, spine of shaft, weight of arrow with chosen point, tiller, mechanical release or finger release, poundage, left or right location of rest, etc. Making adjustments one at a time is important so you can identify if the change helps or hinders the flight of your arrows. Consistency in every shot is essential during this process.

  • Good arrow flight may be acceptable for a hunter who only desires to shoot 0-25 yards. Perfect arrow flight may be the quest for a target shooter who desire 0-60 yards. This may be the determining factor when deciding how much time and effort you want to dedicate to the center-shot process. The Keller Titanium R-1 simplifies the task somewhat as it is helps guide the shaft on initial travel. 


Direct repairs directly to Keller Manufacturing. Please be sure and include a daytime phone number where you can be reached during business hours. Normally repairs are sent out 2-3 business days after receipt. Replacement parts may be purchased directly from Keller Manufacturing. Prompt and friendly service is our promise to you.


When purchased directly from Keller Manufacturing, Inc., the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest/Holder is warrantied for 30 days. If for any reason you decide you are not satisfied, return the arrow rest/holder to us for refund, less shipping.

If the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest/Holder is purchased from a dealer, returns are in accordance with the dealers return policy.

If at any time you find a defect in craftsmanship or fault in material, please return the defective part to us, no matter where you purchased your arrow rest. Be sure and include a daytime phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours and your return address. If the part is found to be defective and used under normal operating conditions, we will send you a replacement part at no cost to you.

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