Please read all directions carefully before mounting and using sight.

The Keller Pendulum Bow Sight is a precision instrument. It has been developed and tested over the past 18 years. Used by experienced bow hunters, it has proven to be the top hunting bow sight available today.

The Keller Pendulum Bow Sight is designed to automatically calibrate distance when used from an elevated position of 12 feet or greater. It works, and will work every time. This, or no other site, is accurate without a consistent anchor point. If the bow user anchors correctly and releases correctly, the arrow will hit where the bead indicates. Location of the anchor point is important for hunting. (A good reference point would be to release aid or first finger placed in corner of mouth at full draw.)

If installing a peep sight, it is suggested that placement in string be determined while at full draw, with arrow located at corner of mouth. Approximate distance will be 4″ from centerline of arrow to centerline of peep.


  1. With sight mounted in slot of bracket, lock the pendulum in straight-up #1 position by using the screw in bottom of sight.
  2. Look through holes in side of sight and make sure screw is in notch before tightening. When locking pendulum in any chosen notch, bottom lock screw should be positioned into half moon cut out.
  3. Mount sight-bracket on right hand side of bow for right handed bows. CAUTION! OVERTIGHTENING OF STUDS IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY!
    1. 45 to 60 lb. bows use holes A.
    2. 60-70 lb. or over bows use holes B.
    3. Any bow exceeding 280 ft./sec. use holes C.
  4. With arrow loaded in bow, adjust threaded screws on sight so the beads are in line with the center of the arrow. This is only a starting point for sight location. Position will be exactly determined upon shooting bow, due to torque applied in a drawn position.

  5. Unlock the pendulum to swing freely by backing screw in bottom of sight all the way out into locking position snug. (Counter-clockwise)

  6. Draw bow and aim parallel with ground, or slightly higher. Looking at the pendulum in sight, the top of the pendulum should be straight in line with eyesight. In other words, pendulum in sight needs to be parallel to line of draw, and line of sight. To simplify, when at full draw and anchored, sight down the backbone of pendulum. At this time you should not be looking at the beads, only the flat, straight portion of pendulum, just as though you were aiming a pistol barrel with no sights.

  7. If not: Lock pendulum in #1 slot position. Bend 10 x 32 threaded mounting screws (studs) slightly to align. Unlock pendulum, draw bow, anchor, and check for alignment. Repeat if necessary. DO NOT BEND THE PENDULUM!

    NOTE: The handle section on some bows will twist slightly (torque) when bow string is pulled to fully drawn position. If this is the case, align pendulum in fully drawn position only.


  1. Lock pendulum in #4 notch and zero-in at 20 yards standing on the ground. This step is primarily to zero left and right.

  2. From an elevated position standing on 12 feet or more, have target set at about 12 yards out, or midrange. Unlock the pendulum until it swings freely and the screw snugs in counter-clockwise position. Aim with top bead.

  3. Shoot. If elevation is off, slide up or down in slot of bracket until you shoot on at 12 yards, or 1 inch high for maximum yards. Take shot and follow arrow. If arrow hits low, lower sight. If arrow hits high, raise sight in bracket. When adjusting elevation, loosen only the outside nuts to slide sight up or down. Inside nuts will maintain proper left and right setting. Continue adjustment until perfection is reached.

  4. You should be accurate + or – one inch from tree stand to 25 to 30 yards out, depending upon bow poundage, arrow speed, etc. Using top bead only and pendulum swinging freely, the pendulum will automatically calibrate any change in distance from 0 to maximum range. All you do is shoot top bead…forget about the yardage, the sight will take care of that. Just concentrate on getting off a good, clean shot.

  5. With previous steps accomplished, you are now ready for tree stand hunting with the best accuracy and confidence you’ve ever had. You now can determine distance for ground shooting and ground practice. From this point forward, do not loosen nuts to adjust. Lock pendulum in #4 notch. Step off approximately 18 yards. Take a shot. If your shot was a little high, continue to increase distance until you determine exact distance which can be obtained in notch #4. Lock pendulum in notch #5 and repeat previous step, also #6 notch. You’ll notice with the pendulum locked in notch #6, the pendulum movement is spent. But now, the bottom two beads have fallen directly vertical beneath pivotal. These beads are used for extreme distances.


The Keller 2000 is equipped with both KryptoNight beads and the original light for low light situations. The KryptoNight is activated by placing a flashlight (or any white light) close to the bead for 3 or 4 seconds. In low light, the bead will glow a soft, blue-green color with very little, if any, halo around the bead, enabling your eyesight to penetrate beyond the bead to view target.
The longer you hold flashlight on bead, the longer it will glow, but also the brighter the bead becomes, and may become blinding, not letting focal point pass to target. In the event KryptoNight becomes too bright, simply turn on light on sight to eliminate glow.


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