Ruger 10/22: Why Everyone Should Own One?

This is probably the best gun for hunting small game. It is lightweight allowing you to get closer to the target while aiming. It comes from the manufacturer with a scope base and scope mounts. This makes it quite easy for you to add a scope on the gun and aim at the game with the highest precision. This great article from McKinley Downing will help you choose the best scope for ruger 10/22 here, choose one, it doesn’t get any better when hunting small games with a Ruger 10/22 and the best scope mounted.

Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rests/Holders – FAQ’s

Will the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest arrow rest fit any bow? Yes. Will the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest fit any arrow? No. The rest can be adjusted to fit a very large selection of arrows, with the only exception being extremely small and exremely large diameter arrows. With complete contact to arrow shaft, does the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest create fletch wear? As with most any arrow rest, when adjusted properly, a minimal amount of wear will occur. If excessive wear occurs, center-shot location is incorrect. Is initial setup of the Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest rest […]

Keller Pendulum Bow Sights – FAQ’s

You will lose accuracy at close range and down range. Even if shooting from the ground, with any bow or sight, it takes a given amount of distance for arrow trajectory to parallel with eyesight trajectory, thus your shots from 12 feet or less will not be accurate for the first few yards, and a loss of a few yards down range. A similar example would be shooting a scoped rifle at a bulls-eye 10 feet away. With your scope mounted two inches above the barrel of the rifle, your shot will be just less than two inches under the bulls-eye.