Thank you for visiting the Keller Manufacturing website. We are confident you will find the Keller Pendulum Bow Sight and our new Keller Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest to be the best hunting aids you could have on your bow. The Keller Pendulum Bow Sight is the most complete hunting sight ever manufactured. I say this from experience as I have been hunting for 36 years and using the bow for 30 of those years.

When I first started with the bow, I was often frustrated due to so many shots that simply missed, overshot, or undershot by misjudging yardage. I soon realized I needed an aid that would automatically calibrate distance. That was the start of the first pendulum sight ever. We have continually tested and improved the sight ever since, to maintain standards with today’s technology.

The sight we produce and offer for sale has been tested by hunters, including myself, for over 23 years with thousands of successful stories and memories made. I can honestly say, I shoot with absolute confidence.

The greatest asset of installing a Keller sight is eliminating the guesswork of the unknown distance and unknown bead. With a Keller sight, the only guesswork will be, “Did I pick the right tree?”. The sight automatically compensates for yardage from 0-30 yards using a single bead. No multiple selection of beads for confusion, just place the single bead on the desired target, relax and release. The arrow simply takes the place of the bead. There are two additional beads for distances beyond pendulum limits and the Keller sight can be used for ground hunting or practice with equal accuracy.

We are pleased to introduce the Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest/Holder, available in Spring of 2002. The Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest/Holder was initially designed during the 1999 hunting season for our own personal use. After numerous requests from local archers for a hand made version to fulfill both their target shooting and hunting needs, several prototypes were created and released to local archers in 2000. Word spread and demand grew as we listened to their feedback and continued to develop and refine the Titanium R-1 into what we are confident is the most extraordinary arrow rest/holder available on the market today.

We manufacture the Keller Pendulum Bow Sight and Titanium R-1 Arrow Rest/Holder in Grovetown, Georgia, USA, with most of the work done by hand. If you purchase a sight or rest from Keller, our desire is that you be completely satisfied, to the point that you will agree that, “These are the best archery aids ever put on a bow. I will never hunt without them again.” If you don’t feel this way, please contact us and if we can’t fix the problem, we will gladly refund the purchase price on bow sights purchased direct from Keller within 15 days of purchase, and on rests purchased direct from Keller within 30 days of purchase.

We hope to hear from you soon and GOOD HUNTING!